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Secretary Breann Brown

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919 N. Columbus
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Call us at (319) 627-4858

 Sunday at WLCF

January 24

9:00 AM

Adult Sunday School (Zoom)

10:30 AM

Communion Service  (Zoom)



Below are links to recent study handouts


The Fruit of the Spirit

The Huge Prayer

Advent 2020 Schedule

Advent 2020 Readings


Message and Scripture

   Upper Room Teachings and Actions:

Jesus Washes Their Feet

Luke 22: 24-27; John 13: 1-17


WLCF Vision and Mission

To be a God centered, God loving, Holy Spirit filled, led and empowered Church, having Christ as the Head and we, as His Body, being used to make disciples of Jesus to build His Kingdom.

Because of a recent increase in covid infections, we will be going back to a single 10:30 Zoom only service-no on site service. Bible studies continue to be by Zoom only. You can freely download the ZOOM app for your phone or tablet or go to the ZOOM website if you have a computer. Because technology changes but human sin doesn't, the procedure to join the service has changed for increased security. From now on-.

Click the link below to join in on the Sunday service and all Bible studies:

The password is: 416991 and the meeting ID number is: 228 893 6865. Use the meeting ID number if you're asked to enter your name.


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Current Church Bulletin

Current Time Alone with God Insert

Weekend Time Alone With God Insert

Bulletin Insert

Teen Time Alone with God

Teen Bulletin

 Readings from the Gospel of John

Fighting The Good War

Why Jesus Crossed the Road Bible Study

The Isms and Idolotries of the World Hand-Out

Pre-Baptism Class Information



"Jesus, Parables and Hermeneutics"

Jesus is the Head

"The Concept of NEW in Scriptures"

the Passion of Jesus Christ

Praying for Power

God's Kingdom

Through Christ to Reconcile the All


We are a member of the Minnesota-Iowa Baptist Conference dba Converge North Central
The conference website is


Archived Church Services in mp3 format
(More recent sermons are toward the bottom of the list)

The January 26 Service
The February 2 Service
The February 9 Service
The February 16 Service
The February 23 Service
The March 1 Service
The March 8 Service
The March 15 Service
The March 22 Service
The March 29 Service
The July 5 Service (Church Reopening)
The July 12 Service-9am
The July 19 Service-9am
The July 26 Service-9am
The August 2 Service-9am
The August 9 Service-10:30
The August 16 Service-9am
The August 23 Service-9am
The August 30 Service-9am
The September 6 Service-9am
The September 13 Service-9am
The September 20 Service-9am
The October 4 Service-10:30am
The October 11 Service-9am
The October 18 Service-9am
The October 25 Service-9am
The November 1 Service-9am
The November 8 Service-9am
The November 15 Service-9am
The November 29 Service-Zoom
The December 6 Service-Zoom
The December 13 Service-Zoom
The January 3 Service
The January 10 Service



This Week at WLCF

Mon, Jan 25

Gabriel Malagon – Happy Birthday!

Tue, Jan 26

Olivia Harmon – Happy Birthday!

7:00 PM

Spanish Bible Study – Mateo (Zoom)

Wed, Jan 27

Tony Giamba – Happy Birthday!

7:00 AM

Dawn Prayer (Zoom)

6:30 PM

Youth Bible Study – Mark (Zoom)

7:30 PM

Adult Bible Study - The Good Fight (Zoom)

Thurs, Jan 28

Terri Blair - Happy Birthday!

6:15 PM

C/CS YA Bible Study – Luke (Zoom)

Sat, Jan 30


7:30 AM

Men's Bible Study- John (Zoom)

Sun, Jan 31


9:00 AM

Adult Sunday School (Zoom)

10:30 AM

Worship Service (Zoom)

We celebrate life! We celebrate your life! Let us pray for one another on our birthdays and anniversaries!  If we don’t have your dates, please give them to Breann or feel free to email the church or to leave a note on her desk.


         Upcoming Events, Services and Activities 

Zoom – All services and bible studies will be at regular times and via zoom only. Simply download the app on your phone or the program on your computer. The code for ALL videos is 2288936865. The Password is 416991. Join us!

Leadership Teams – Herald Team – Kelsey Jenkins, Teacher Team – Mary Maxson, Evangelist Team – Cindy Mays, Healing/Deliverance Team – Kelsey & Cindy Mays, Servant Team – Brad Jenkins, Deacon or Overseer Teams – Pastor Mario

Sharing the Story – On the third Sunday of the month we will hear a story of faith. Please see Pastor Mario if you are interested in sharing your story.

Baptism – If you are interested in following Jesus in the Water of Believers please see Pastor Mario right away.

West Liberty Food Pantry – FCU Sat. 9:00-10:00 am and Thur. 6:00-7:00 pm. We encourage each family to bring one food item or personal care item to church with you each Sunday as a donation to the Food Pantry.  Please place this item at the base of the cross.  Thank you. Thanks to the men who deliver this to FCU. Julie McKillip is our coordinator


                              PRAYER TIMES FOR A PRAYING CHURCH BODY

Weekly Dawn Prayer Time – Wednesdays at 7:00 am. Dawn Prayer Time. On Zoom!

Daily Time Alone With God. Follow the insert for this daily prayer time. Be sure to pray the TAG every day..


Prayer Chain – Call or email Breann Brown at 319-627-4858 or


Copy of the Message – see Brad Jenkins or listen at

Church Library – Great books located downstairs!

Pastor’s Day of Sabbath Rest: Friday 

Secretary’s Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5:30 – 7:30, Saturday 8:00-2:00

Any and All questions, comments, concerns, or requests can be emailed to the church email or written down and left on Breann’s desk.



The Story of God Sunday School Series In Audio

The Story of God Chapter 1

The Story of God Chapter 2

The Story of God Chapter 3

The Story of God Chapter 4

The Story of God Chapter 5

The Story of God Chapter 6

The Story of God Chapter 7

The Story of God Summary