Fighting the Good War


Session 2, Lesson 131 (Wednesday, April 14, 2021) (COVID-19, Zoom)

I.       The Four Enemies: 1. Flesh/Self, 2. Sin, 3. World, Aeon, Age, 4. Satan

II.    The World…

A.     A Prayer Against – Free, Deliver, Save, Liberate, Empty, Overcome, Defeat, Destroy… The World, The Aeon, The Age, The God of This Age, The Spirit of This Age, The Lust of The Eyes, The Lust of The Flesh, The Pride of Life, The Idols, The Idolatries, The Ideologies, The Idealogues, The Systems…in my life in the lives of others, in the church!...The Huge Prayer!!

B.     Review – Secularism…Materialism…Naturalism…Closed System…Rationalism…Humanism…Relativism…Subjectivism…Narcissism… Individualism…Hedonism…Nihilism…Worldviews…

C.     Scripture Background: Romans 12: 1, 2…

III. The Idols, Idolatries, Isms

A.     Overview – Mary Poplin, Is Reality Secular?, pp. 28f, (2014)


Whatever worldview or worldviews we hold shape what we notice or ignore, how we interpret what we see and experience, how we process information, and ultimately what decisions we will made and how we will act. It is the lens through which we interpret reality and by which we reason. Our actions are stronger indicators of our actual worldviews than our thoughts, feelings or words.  Worldviews shape what we think is plausible and reject what does not seem plausible… I simply distill worldviews at their most basic level into four major global worldviews – material naturalism, secular humanism, pantheism and monotheism, represented here by Judeo-Christianity. It is generally possible to trace all philosophies, theories and even most practical actions back to one or more of these four worldviews.


Material naturalism is the belief that all that exists in the world is ultimately reducible to material phenomena. 

Secular humanism is the belief that human beings are alone in the world and must act responsibly by forming their ethics solely from their human experience, human reason and science.

Pantheism is the belief that everything in the universe is a manifestation of a universal spirit.


B.     Pantheism. Neo Paganism. New Agism. New Spiritualities…Monism…Witchcraft…

                                                            1.      Poplin, Is Reality Secular? Immanence – The Spirit within us (God within us)… Hinduism, Karma… Reincarnation… Its many faces: Hinduism. Buddhism. Taoism. Confucianism. New Age Spirituality, not religion. TM…(165-193).

                                                            2.      Pantheism. The Doctrine that all things and beings are modes, attributes or appearances, of one single, unified reality or being.

                                                            3.      Panantheism – combines the insight of Pantheism and Deism by arguing that the world is included in God’s being…cells in a larger organism…Concise Dictionary of Religion, p. 166.

                                                            4.      Tara Isabella Burton, Strange Rites, (2020), New Thought, Self help. New Age. Pagan religions, witchcraft, sorcery, magic, shamanism…

                                                            5.      Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction (1983). The East, Pantheism and selfist psychology (p. 168).

                                                            6.      Os Guiness, The Dust of Death (1973). The East, No Exit, Monism (p. 211f).

                                                            7.      James A. Herrick, The Making of the New Spirituality, (2003). Pantheism, Gnosticism, Shamanism.  Pantheism has become an essential component in the New Religious Synthesis. God is no longer outside of creation, no longer either “wholly other” or personal. Rather, the new god is in all things as a divine energy, animating force or cosmic consciousness, (p. 153)

C.     Biblical Response:

                                                            1.      Creation… Gen 1: 1, 2, 26-31

                                                            2.      Psalm 19: 1-6

                                                            3.      John 1: 1-4

                                                            4.      Colossians 1: 13-17!

                                                            5.      Acts 17: 24-28