Why Jesus Crossed The Road

(Based on the book by Bruce Main)

Part II: Roadblocks to Road Crossing

A.     The Roadblock of Fear…

B.     The Roadblock of Indifference – John 1:22 Just Do It! James 2: 14-18…

C.     The Roadblock of Misguided Theology

1.      Introduction 1, p. 133.

But there is a deeper problem – a problem that has severe consequences for our world and God’s witness in the world.

Equating God’s blessing with financial stability, minimal problems, abundant leisure, and a successful career means that we will intentionally avoid that part of the Christian experience that calls us to go to those hellish places on earth to confront evil. Why would we pursue anything that might compromise that “blessed” existence? We will consciously, or even unconsciously, travel a path of least resistance.

Our theology of blessing deeply impacts the lay we live out our faith each day.

2.      Introduction 2, p. 134

Jesus gravitated toward crowds and public places. Jesus established his ministry in Capernaum, a backwater town know for its poverty. He traveled the highways and byways, embracing lepers and the sick, demonstrating that his message about the love of God was more than talking points shared within the four walls of the local synagogue. He confronted religious authorities who wielded their power in ways that made life hell for those who were subject to their leadership. To top it all off, he walked into the heart of the city that opposed him most vehemently: Jerusalem. Rather than preserving his life, Jesus chose to lose it.

3.      Ideas, Theology, Scripture… Proverbs 28: 25; Psalm 128: 1, 2; Psalm 37: 4… John 9: 1, 2…

4.      Jesus. Incarnation. John 1:14. Came here to us, into our mess, Saved by dying for us.

5.      Misguided, Erroneous, False, Wrong… Theology, philosophy, paradigms, worldviews, ideas, thoughts, teaching… Often lea to wrong, false, erroneous, misguided, disguises, actions, behaviors, deeds… over and over again in human history.

6.      Misguided Ideas, teaching beliefs… World is flat, Earth is the center, another animal, not the image of God, no sin, no wrong, Secularism, materialism, naturalism, narcissism, idols… anti-Semitism, Crusades, Inquisition, Uganda, Rwanda, Racism, sexism. Cambodia – Killing fields, Muslim division – Sunni, Shiite. No Israel, Protestant vs Catholics. Prejudice, slavery, women patriarchy, COVID-19…

7.      Drugs – Drug cartels, Colombia, Mexico, Inner City gangs, poverty, hatred, homelessness… Leads to historic and modern acts that are dangerous.

8.      Blessedness, Religious God, Jesus… Divisions, Spits, hate, condemnation, charismatics, liberal, conservative, fundamentalists. Who is right? Wrong? White supremacy. Just Mercy!

9.      Jesus Teaching – Beatitudes. Luke 6: 20-26. Be careful of extremes. Black, white, gray. Right was in between… Tension!...

—Way, Truth, Life, John 14: 6, 8: 31…God, Scripture, People, Life.

—Sabbath Law – Matthew 12: 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 12

—World Leaders – Matthew 23: 1-3, 25, 26…

10.  Peter ChangedActs 10: 13-16, 28, 34, 35…

11.  Paul UnderstandsGalatians 3: 26-29… BUT NOW Ephesians 2: 13-15… New World! Romans 12: 2