Overflow of Ism’s of the Age: Idols and Idolatries

Agnosticism – No Surety about God

Affluence – Possessions the All

Antinomianism – Against the Law

Atheism – No God

Behaviorism – Human behavior is key

Celebratism – All about popular celebrity

Conservatism – only the conservative is truth

Consumerism – We are consumers, here to consume

Deconstructionism – No objective reality, meaning, truth anywhere

Determinism – Man the machine

Dogmatism – all dogma

Dualism – All Reality is Dual

Eastern Religious Though

Emotionalism – all feelings and emotions

Equalitariansim – All is equal

Experientialism – Feeling the Guide

Fatalism – It’s all about fate

Fundamentalism – Rigid Religion, extreme, radical

Gnosticism – Knowledge and Duality

Hedonism – Pleasure alone

Historicism – History as Lord

Humanism(s) – Man at the Center, Secular…

Humanitarianism – Do Good

Individualism – All individuals

Infantilism – Childish Ways

Institutionalism – The Institution

Liberalism – Only the liberal is truth

Materialism – Matter is All

Militarism – Military the Solution

Narcissism – Of Self-Love (Selfism)

Nationalism – The State is Lord

Naturalism – All is nature

New-Gnosticism – New Dualities

New Agism – Religion of the Age

Nihilism – Utter destruction, nothingness

Objectivism – all is objective

Occultism – Back to the Occult (Satanism, Demonism)

Paganism – (Neo) – nature gods (witchcraft, sorcery, magic, superstition)

Pansexualism – the New Lusts

Pantheism – God is the World

Pluralism – Many options

Politicism – politics is all (Liberalism/Conservatism)

Racism – Race is Better

Rationalism – Reason as Lord, Intellectualism

Religionism – It’s all religion

Rejectionism – Rejection in Life

Relativism – No Absolutes, All relative

Scientism – Science as God/Evolutionism – the godless process

Sect/Cults – Someone to follow, something to believe

Secularism – only the secular

Sexism – a sex is better

Sexualism – sex is all

Spiritualism – looking for the spiritual (Spiritism)

Sportism – Sports are god

Subjectivism – Self, the final authority

Successism – Success as Lord

Totalitarianism – Supreme state control

Transhumanism – Beyond the human

Tribalism – All about my/our tribe

Utilitarianism – the Best for the most

Utopianism – A Brave New World