“I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death.”  Philippians 3:10

May 19 2024


The Revelation of Jesus Christ


Message and Scriptures

Revelation 7:1-8

God’s People Sealed



WLCF VISION STATEMENT – To be a God centered, God loving, Holy Spirit filled, led and empowered Church, having Christ as the Head and we, as His Body, being used to make disciples of Jesus to build His Kingdom.


We covenant together with God and with one another in an ever-increasing relationship with God as follows: Lord God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we covenant with you and with each other… That we will seek to live balanced lives in an inward journey and then, with and in You, in a journey outward to the world around us.


BARUCH ATA YHWH SEBAOTH – Bless You. Praise You. Thank You Beloved LORD GOD.  We are thankful for Pastor Mario and Cindy, their faithful service to the church and all the love and care they pour into us.

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Tuesday                                   7:00 p.m.                             Spanish Bible Study – Lucas Holy Spirit

Wednesday             7:00 a.m.                             Dawn Prayer – Prayer for the World/Nation/Community/WLCF

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                Monday, May 20  - Emmitt Dimond

                Tuesday, May 21- Joshua Ramos

                Friday, May 24 – Robby Daufeldt and Clint Melick

                Sunday, May 19 – Tonia Polman



                Sunday May 26 - Casey and Rhea Dreyer



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June 2 – Chill & Grill -  Please join us for the first Chill & Grill of the season.  Enjoy a shared meal, a time of fellowship, and a game of volleyball after the service.


Vacation Bible School    June 17-21  SCUBA : Diving into Friendship with God  






Baptism – If you are interested in following Jesus in the Waters of Believer’s Baptism please see Pastor Mario.


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Giving in May: $3695, $1530 .  We are behind budget $948.96.  We need a monthly offering of $8968.02 and a weekly offering of $2069.54 to match our budget. BARUCH ATA YHWH SEBAOTH for the giving of YOUR people through the years. God loves a cheerful giver. Checks can be mailed to the church or dropped off at the church, in the mailbox at the end of the lane. You are also invited to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF). Please see Lynne for details.



WLCF Youth Group for young people in 6th – 12th grades


Worship Service:                                 Sundays at 10:30 a.m.  

Youth Night:                          Mondays at 5:30 p.m. – Luke (Please bring your Bibles).   



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If you are interested in serving this ministry in any way, let Pastor Mario know. They need one board member and several cube leaders. The group meets at First Church United (FCU) on Sunday evenings.


                                July  21                   Mission Trip Commissioning @ County Fair Service      9:00 am

July 28-Aug 2        Mission trip to Nashville, TN




Pine Lake Camps

Registration for all events is open at PineLakeCamps.org


June 16 - 21          Elementary (Grades 2-5)                   

June 23 – 28         Jr High Week (Grades 6-8)

July 2 – 5               Family Camp

July 7 - 12              Sr. High Week (Grades 9-12)

July 14 – 16           Primary Camp (Grades 1-4)

July 14 – 19           Elementary (Grades 2-5)






Sunday, May 19, 2024



   The created order needs to be purified, it seems, in this case by a violent wind which will scorch the earth, stir up the sea and uproot trees. Like the other symbols of divine judgment, these images from the natural world are to be taken symbolically in terms of the great shaking that will pass through the whole world of human affairs as God’s judgments start to take hold. While that is about to happen, God’s people need to be reassured that they will come safely through, marked on their foreheads with the special seal that declares that they belong to God and are not to be harmed.

     This strongly suggests that they are the same people, symbolically represented as the complete people of God (twelve thousand times twelve), but actually consisting of a much larger number which nobody could count. And the people in this great crowd, as we shall see, have not escaped suffering. They have come through it to safety the other side, as Jesus himself passed through death to the immortal physical life of resurrection.

     The point of the present passage, coming as it does in the pause between the opening of the sixth and the seventh seals, is to affirm that even though evil must be allowed to come to its full height, in order eventually to be fully and finally overthrown, God will not allow this process to put in jeopardy the ultimate rescue of his true people. This true people, redefined as they are around the lion of Judah, are to be marked out. The events around them will no doubt be terrifying, but they may rest assured that God has them in his care.

N.T. Wright. Revelation for Everyone, p. 70,72 (2011).



     We now have to wait until 8:1 or the seventh seal to be broken. Instead, John treats us to an interlude which stresses the security of the people of God. Revelation 7 describes two human communities. The first (vv. 1-8) numbers 144,000 and is drawn from the twelve tribes of Israel; the second (vv. 9-17) is a huge unnumbered multitude drawn from all nations, languages and tribes. At first sight they seem to be two distinct groups (numbered and unnumbered, Israel and Gentile), and several ingenious attempts have been made to distinguish between them. But on closer inspection it becomes clear that both are pictures of the same redeemed community of God, although viewed from different perspectives.

John Stott, The Incomparable Christ, p. 199 (2001)


     The picture of the 144,000 as God’s martyr army also challenges us deeply. We usually want to achieve power and overcome by power. God summons us to overcome by weakness. … If our interpretation of the 144,000 is correct, then all God’s servants, Jewish or Gentile, are also viewed through the prism of Israel. That is, Gentile Christians as well as Jewish Christians should recognize their spiritual heritage in the patriarchs and prophets of ancient Israel. This does not mean that God “replaced” Israel with Gentile Christianity; it means that Gentile Christians have been grafted into the heritage of Israel and can speak of Abraham as “our father.” They recognize a spiritual heritage in the history of God’s people that runs deeper than any ethnic heritage to which we might otherwise claim allegiance.

Craig S. Keener, The NIV Application Commentary. Revelation, pp. 240f  (2000).


     The position taken in the following pages is that in both visions it is the church which is in view, but from two vantage points. Prior to the trumpet judgments the last generation of believers is sealed so as to be saved from the destruction coming upon the earth and to be brought safely into the heavenly kingdom. The second vision is anticipatory of the eternal blessedness of all believers when in the presence of God they realize the rewards of faithful endurance.

Robert H. Mounce, The Book of Revelation, p. 164 (1977).

     There where sin abounds, grace abounds the more. All men are shut up into disobedience in order that mercy might be given to all. Thus the very people of God is constituted with the first and second election. Thus the process of history unfolds and it is the elect people in its entirety, Jews and Christians, who form the bridge, the way, and the passage to the Kingdom of God. And who are already there. And that which characterizes them all, together, is that they declare and affirm that salvation is the act of God (which is to say, at the same time, life, peace, and reconciliation). They do not then attribute any merit to themselves: “Salvation [total] belongs to our God and to the lamb.” They ascribe nothing to their own accounts. Humanity in this moment becomes aware of its true salvation, and glorifies God alone.

Jacques Ellul, Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation, pp.164, 189 (1975).


     This sealing is the most precious thing under heaven. Scripture speaks of the seal in a threefold sense. First of all, a seal protects against tampering. Thus, the tomb of Jesus was sealed with a guard (Mt. 27:66; cf. Rev. 5:1). Secondly, a seal marks ownership. Thus we read in the Song of Solomon 8:6: ‘Set me as a seal upon thy heart.’ Thirdly, a seal certifies genuine character. The decree that all the Jews should be wiped out was sealed with the signet of King Xerxes (Est. 3:12).

     The Christian is sealed in this threefold sense. The Father has sealed him, for the believer enjoys the Father’s protection throughout life. The Son has sealed him, for He has bought and redeemed the believer with His own precious blood. He owns us. The Spirit had sealed him (Eph. 1:13), for He certifies that we ae sons of God (Rom. 8:15)

William Hendrickson, More than Conquerors, p.110 (1940)



     The vision of the sealing does not apply to Jewish Christians alone but to all Christians. When the judgments of God are abroad in the world, all the servants of the Lord are sealed for protection. The two visions must represent the same group under different circumstances.

Ray Summers, Worthy Is The Lamb, p. 150 (1951)



     They represent the same people – the church – seen in two stages of her history in the end times: first, standing on the threshold of the great tribulation, and later having passed  through this time of tribulation, martyred but victorious.

     The two multitudes represent the church seen in the light of the two aspects of the great tribulation: god’s wrath, and the persecution of the beast. The church is sealed that it may be protected from the plagues which express God’s wrath upon the Antichrist and his followers; but the church in the great tribulation will suffer persecution and death as she has through her entire history.

George Eldon Ladd, A Commentary On The Revelation of John, pp. 116f (1972).


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