The Huge Prayer

Scripture Background: Mark 12: 28-31, The Great Commandment; Romans 12:2; I John 2: 15-17; II Corinthians 10:3-6; I Timothy 1: 18, 19… and more…

v      LORD GOD, In The Name of JESUS By the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT and for the Glory of GOD. Form CHRIST in me, conform me, transform me into the Image of CHRIST. Into Christlikeness for the sake of all others all around me. (Gal. 4: 19; Rom. 8: 29; II Cor. 3: 18) (The Goal of the Christian Life)

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT fill me and empower me to love You, know You, belong to You, be used by You. Holistically. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Psychologically. Ethically. Morally. Spiritually. Relationally. Socially. Societally. Culturally, Environmentally, Ecologically. Financially. Economically. Politically. Racially. Materially. Sexually. Experientially. Holistically… all to Your Glory.

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT defeat the Enemies in my life and that of others all around.

o        The Flesh/Self. Crucify the Flesh Self with all its evil passions and desires. Put to death. Kill the Beast. The Monster. The Creature. The Wretch. The Predator. The Parasite. The Pretender. The Pest. The Worry Monster. The Power Hungry Beast. The Fearful Woebegone Weakling.

o        The Sin. Forgive me and free me from all Sin. Evil. Wickedness. Darkness. Transgression. Trespass. Wrongdoing. Lawlessness. Falling short of the mark. Falling out of the path. Disobedience. Rebellion. Depravity. Disbelief. Unbelief.

o        The World. The Aeon. The Age. The Fallen Sinful World System. The Fallen Sinful Human System World. The Lust of the Eyes. The Lust of the Flesh. The Pride of Life. The Idols. The Idolatries (the isms and more). The Ideologies. The Idealegues (the Polarization). The Political Madness, deception, captivity. The Flawed Fallen Systems.

o        The Satan. The Enemy. The Adversary. The Devil. The Slanderer. The Evil One. Wicked One. The Liar. Accuser. Condemer. Deceiver. Murderer. Killer. Apollyon. The Thief. The Robber. The Rogue. The Thieves. Robbers. Rogues. Demons. Devils. Kingdom of Evil. Wickedness. Darkness. Hell. The Principalities. The Powers. The Cosmic Evil. Forces of this Present Darkness. The evil wicked spirits in the heavenlies. The territorial spirits. The generational spirits. The cursing spirits. The Balaam. Balak. Ahab. Jezebel. Nicolaitan spirits.

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT destroy all the strongholds of the enemies in my life and others all around me.

o        The Stronghold of Selfishness. Selfish self centeredness. Self indulgence. Self gratification. Self autonomy. Self reliance. Self sufficiency. Self actualization. Self fulfillment Self confidence. Narcissism. Egoism. Ego centricity. Selfism. Individualism.

o        The Stronghold of Pride. Arrogance. Conceit. Haughtiness. Big Headedness. Puffed Up Attitudes. Vanity. Vainglory. Hubris. Comparison. Competition. Envy. Jealousy. Superiority. Inferiority. Stupidity. Foolishness. Silliness. Idiocy. Ridiculousness. Mean Spiritedness. Hard Heartedness.

o        The Stronghold of Sexual Sin. Porneia. Moichein. Koites. Sexual Immorality. Adultery. Sexual Perversion. Sexual Lusts. Hungers. Appetites. Desires. Longings. Yearning. Obsession. Fixation. Addiction. Predetorship. Offendorship. Impressions. Ideas. Images. Imaginings. Imaginations. Lust of Eye. Lust of Flesh. Fatal Affection. Fatal Attraction. Active Imaginations.

o        The Stronghold of Frustration. Disappointment. Discouragement. Exhaustion. Disillusionment. Quitting. Burn Out. Break Down.

o        The Stronghold of Fear. Fears. Worries. Anxieties. Dread. Horror. Terror. Panic. Forebodance. Paranoia. Insecurity. Fear of Failure. Rejection. People. People Pleasing. Perfectionism. Fear of Disease. Illness. Sickness. Ailment. (Specific Health Issue). Past. Present. Future. Life fright. Conspiracy Ideas.


o        The Stronghold of Stress. Distress. Pressure. Pressures. Tension. Tensions. Tightness. Uptightness. Demands. Expectiations. Responsibilities. Hurry. Rush. Push. Pull. Next. Busyness. Laziness. Sloth. Acedia. Procrastination. Boredom. Weights. Burdens. Shackles. Chains. Cares. Concerns. Troubles. Problems.

o        The Stronghold of Negativity. Negativism. Skepticism. Cynicism. Fatalism. Defeatism. Heaviness. Darkness. Angst. Depression. Oppression. Despair. Desperation. Hopelessness. Loneliness. Uselessness. Deadness. Staleness. Lifelessness. Helplessness. Wilderness. Fatigue. Exhaustion. Stuckness. Stagnation. Ruttedness. Lethargy. Apathy. Indifference.

o        The Stronghold of False Guilt. False Shame. Condemnation. Self judgment. Self rejection. Self loathing. Self hurting. Suicide.

o        The Stronghold of Hurt. Pain. Woundedness. Broken heart. Broken spirit. Neediness. Sadness. Bitterness. Resentment. Madness. Anger. Rage. Hatred. Violence.

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT destroy all the Sophistries. Arguments. Reasonings. Ideas. Thoughts. Teachings. Narratives. Stories. Paradigms. Frames. Worldviews. Lies. Falsehood. Deceptions…of the Enemies in my life and of others all around me. 

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT destroy every Barrier. Barricade. High, proud, lofty thing, pretension. Hindrance. Obstacle. Impediment. Resistance… that the Enemies raise up, build between You and me, to keep me from Intimate knowledge of You.

v      Take all my life and every thought captive to loving obedience of You.

v      LORD GOD. In the Name of JESUS, by the Power of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT Free me. Empower me. Enable me…To have eyes to see You. To have ears to hear You. To have a mouth to speak You. To have a nose and be reminded of You. To have a heart mind to know You, understand You, encounter You, perceive You. To have a heart to love You with all my being. To have hands to serve You. To have legs and feet to follow You, walk behind you, walk with Jesus. To have a some body to be Your Temple, Vessel, Instrument. To have a life to Belong to You.

v      To be Your Beloved Child. Your Blessed Child. Your Belonging Child and Saint.

v      To be Your Instrument. Tool. Vessel. Pipe. Pencil. Marker. Pen, in Your Hands and be used by You.

v      To see You before me. Ahead of me. My eyes, my focus, my attention focused on You. You behind me, protecting my back side from all I don’t see, don’t know, am not aware of. You beside me to the right, protecting, strengthening, empowering my right hand to hold up Your word of the Spirit, Your word of Truth. You beside me to the left side, weak side, blind side protecting and strengthening me to hold up Your Shield of Your Faith protecting me and all those around me. You beneath me, guiding, leading, directing me to walk on the Jesus Way, the Jesus Way. You in control of all. I think, feel, say, and do and directing every step I take, every decision, every choice. You above me, protecting my head, brain, mind and every thought. I in You. In CHRIST. You all around me. My Fortress. Castle. Refuge. Shelter. Hiding Place. Stronghold. High Place. Rock. Fortified City Wall. Wall of Bronze. Wall of Fire. Shield. Force Field all around me. You within me filling me with YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to overflowing. Your Abundant Life. Gregarious Life. Exuberant Life. Victorious Life. Overcoming Life. Flourishing Life. Thriving Life. Liberation Life. Liberty Life. Freedom Life. Fullness of Life. Your JESUS Stuff, Style, Way, Life.

v      The Fruit of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Your godliness. Holiness. Righteousness. Justice. Truth. Light. Clarity. Purity. Presence. Empowering Presence. Passion. Power. Might. Strength. Authorit. Victory. Love. Agape Love. Hesed Love. Joy. Gladness. Celebration. Exuberance. Rejoicing. Happiness. Contentment. Peace. Shalom Peace. Wholeness. Completeness. Fullness. Success. Prosperity. Wellness. Welfare. Wellbeing. Health. Healing. Eirene Peace. Tranquility. Serenity. Calmness. Relaxation. Pacificness. Settledness. Silence. Solitude. Quietness. Rest. Sabbath Rest. Longsuffering. Patience. Endurance. Perseverance. Persistence. Sicktoiveness. Courage. Encouragement. Motivation. Drive. Energy. Kindness. Goodness. Gentleness. Tenderness. Humility. Lowliness. Meekness. Generosity. Trustworthiness. Trust. Faith. Self Death. Self Denial. Self Discipline. Self Control. Wisdom. Knowledge. Understanding. Insight. Discernment. Clarity. Focus. Light. Intimacy. Union. Oneness. Unity. Conversational Relationship. Communion Relationship. Consummation Relationship. Yada Knowing Relationship. Epignosis Knowing Relationship.