Fighting the Good War

Session 2, Lesson 100 (Wednesday, July 1, 2020) (COVID-19, Zoom)

I.       Introduction and Overview

II.    The Four Enemies…

A.     The Flesh/Self

B.     The Sin

C.     The World

III. The World…

A.     The Prayer Against – Free, Deliver, Save, Liberate, Free, Empty, Overcome, Defeat, Destroy… The World, The Aeon, The Age, The God of This Age, The Spirit of This Age, The Lust of The Eyos, The Lust of The Flesh, The Pride of Life, The Idols, The Idolatries, The Idealogies, The Idealogues, The Systems… in my life in the lives of others, in the church!...

IV.  The Idols and Idolatries of Our World and Age

A.     Basic Christianity

The Story We Find Ourselves In – The Big Story – His Story – The Unfinished Drama of God – The Meta-Narrative!

            Chapter 1          1st Act – Creation. Teaches us all people of the world are brothers and sisters designed to live together in harmony with each other and the cosmos. Prohibits violence. (Genesis 1:1; 1: 26-31)


            Chapter 2          2nd Act – Crisis (The Fall) Enables us to understand the world’s brokenness and destruction, evil, pain, sin and suffering. (Genesis 3: 1-10)


            Chapter 3          3rd Act – Calling. God calls, selects, elects, chooses a people as His messengers and servants to the rest of humanity. (Genesis 12: 1-3)


            Chapter 4          4th Act – Communication. God uses servants to communicate His message to us. Yet, in the story of Israel we hear of our disobedience, rebellion and sin. Need for a savior. (Genesis 18-FT; Jeremiah 31:31-34)


            Chapter 5          5th Act – Crist (Life of Jesus). Manifests God’s covenant of love action on behalf of the world as the pinnacle of all God’s acts of intervention in Act 3, and as the foundation for the Spirit’s work through the saints in Act 5 and 6. (Luke 1:1-4; John 1:1-5, 12-18; 3: 16, 17)


            Chapter 6          6th Act – Community (Story of Early Christians). The foundation of the Holy Spirit’s work through the saints, the church, the people of God in Messiah. (Acts – NT; Acts 1:8)


            Chapter 7          7th Act – Consummation (End of Story and Drama and Beyond). We know the end. The end of the age is not the end. We are destined for eternity. The eternal state! (Apocalypse. Prophesy. Future. Eternal State) (Matthew 24: 36, 37; Revelations 21:1-4)


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